Block Printed Dresses are in vogue

Block Printed Cotton Dresses are now very much popular in Bangladesh and India. They are mostly found in Jaipur in India and Baburhat, Narsingdi in Bangladesh.

Women like block printed dresses for several reasons. In summer, they are very comfortable and feels very soft. In winter it supports as inner wear under Jacket or some other winter dresses. Moreover the main reason behind it that it’s very cheap and easily found. Best quality block printed salwar kameez can be found within 700-800 INR or 1000-1500 BDT.

Block Print is a technology to print in fabrics using block or dice. A designed dice put on the fabrics of several colors. Here is a video attached to see how a block works.

You can find block printed dress in online both in India & Bangladesh.  Indiamart, flipkart are mostly popular in India. Whereas Daraz, AjkerDeal, MirBazaar are mostly popular in Bangladesh.

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